Sunday, December 13, 2015

Festive Fabric with Crohns and Cushings

NOTHING says Happy Holidays better than this.......

And fabric.

When I saw the above fabric at Jo-ann's I knew I had to have a piece of it!

 Even if it were just for festive pillow cases that I would whip up real quick!!
(I have yet to do anything quick in a long time.)

Well, then there was a SALE on fabric and nothing says "Be Merry and Bright" than fabric on sale. Right?

So I went back. To the store. And to the area it was and brought my small piece with me that I already had to identify another piece of fabric I had to have because it had the right Teal color in it, and there was no cream and black fabric Christmas Caroling finish to my Christmas Carol theme this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Say that paragraph as fast as you can and as many times as you can before taking a breath and you will know the enormity of the situation. )

 I got talking to a lady who had coordinated several different styles for each kid. She was making them a stocking or something. They all looked SO good.

I told her about my dilemma and showed her my sack of fabric pieces.

"I have that  bolt in my cart!" she exclaimed.

"You are kidding! How much are you going to get?" I asked. I had grabbed a number already because the place was packed. She was some number close to81 and I was 17 and they were in the 50's. It looked like a tough situation to endure.

Readers, I had time to decide to try a new hobby, get some things, then feeling defeated by the time factor and feeling tired, that I put it all back just to kill time. Finally, I got in line. Which was long and extended almost back to where they were busy cutting fabric. I felt so bad for the workers.

A woman came up to me and asked if I was the person wanting the 'specialty fabric' because someone had told the lady at the counter to hold it for me. The other woman, who I had talked with before had saved it for me and gave the cutter a description of me. (I wish I could have heard that just because I hadn't thought much about my situation that day.)

I must have been recognized by my disabled appearance:  I was using a Nordic walking stick.  And people aren't use to seeing ski poles off the slopes and in a fabric store.

"Well, I don't know how "special" it is but I'm not going to worry about it now that I have waited in this line so long. " I said and thanked her so much for coming to find me.

"You should just use the ADA.... " something, something. I didn't know what she was saying and if it had to do with her feeling sorry for me using a ski pole stick as a cane.

 I meant to say it was on purpose cause canes don't help with balance but was too tired to yap it up.

"What is that?" I asked. And Readers, I'm disabled and didn't know I could use any sort of anything to get into the fabric cutting line ahead of others.

"Oh, geez. I'm not going to do that" I told the kind woman. "I would feel embarrassed, that fabric is not worth it cause I am just tired and need to go home."

She went on her way and then came back with the fabric. What was left of the bolt and handed it to me. I about cried.

Her daughter had been in line and we both checked out at the same time. I had to get her name and thank her once we were outside. I introduced myself and

(to be continued and edited later!)

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