Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Rhubarb Flopbotted

Isn't this a sad looking Rhubarb Plant?
The weeds and raspberry plants overtook it this year and it too, flop bottomed out!
J. was mowing and wanted some company. So I stepped into the garden with my camera  to document the "damage" of my absence!
This garden won't be in Country Living magazine, I'm pretty sure. Unless it is to write about what not to do. Or they do a segment on gardening while ill.
The north end got really neglected:
There are some beautiful sites around the neighborhood and I wish I had my camera to capture some of the scenes.
While slowly walking up the street I caught a site of a brand new looking American Flag, In the crisp autumn air it seemed to make the Red, White, and Blue pop with color.
It rippled in the breeze, framed by yellow leaves from their flowing ? tree, and the other neighbor's pine trees.
I had to turn around and go get my camera!
Of course this meant pushing myself on my walk, but I had to capture it in the morning sun.
After a little bit of a search I found Padre's point and shoot and hobbled out the door.
Baker's have new Halloween decor, adding a Dracula inspired coffin, carried by some skeletons that needed to be snapped:
And then, in bright red my camera read:
Warning, Battery Dead.
 It shut off and the lens retracted.
So I went home and recharged, went back hours later with J. He wanted my company as he worked so he pulled out a rocker so I could watch him mow. 
A cute little bird kept landing on the fence here:
But he was too quick for me to get him in the photo.
The garden wasn't a total fail, this year. Some cute pumpkins and squash grew amongst several cucumbers.
Another short walk and I passed by an array of color.
This tree actually has really pretty Salmon colored leaves that don't show on my camera because I also am not employed by National Geographic.
This is the sort of tree that would be nice to lie beneath on the cool grass and just stare up at its branches.
(more cuteness)
This little flower at my friend's is breaking through the bench's prison, saying:
"Let me outta here! "
And how could I not show the cute little guy in my yard who braved the harsh elements and no tending this summer? In fact I didn't even plant him.. he came up on his own accord!
Bravo, brave Petunia!
Remember my beautiful flowers from years ago??
Maybe NEXT year!
Until then I need to work on this sock problem we seem to have...
J. will tell me the minute before he leaves:
"I can't find any socks!"
My attempts to help him stay organized:
But this is crazy.
What does a mom have to do??
(No I won't go this far...)
Next time he asks I will hand him a rake and instead of raking up leaves, he can rake up socks lying around and then maybe he won't be frantically searching right before school.

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