Friday, October 18, 2013

Guess What Season it Is!

I have two Rim Wreaths hanging on my door.
We are back to the *BAMM*, dut, dut, dut; *BAMM*
of basketball season.

The other day was the first day of practice.

J: "Mom, I have some good news and bad news."

ME: Oh, no. Okay. Give me the bad news.

J: "I have homework."

ME: You told me you didn't have any more then reading! J. if you wanna play, that comes first! Now it is almost bed time and you have homework. Great.

J: "The good news is that it is BASKETBALL homework!" (laugh)

ME: "oh," dismissing the comment, "well, you can do that tomorrow."

J: "I have to do it now." (lays on the floor and starts doing air form shots to show how serious he is to finish his homework.

ME: Not so high! You are gonna break the light fixture and have glass raining down on both of us!

He lowers his shot.
Since it is dark outside and the porch lights must be those energy efficient bulbs and the moon is behind some clouds, he

 enters his room and closes the door behind him.

 Above noise heard to ring in the season.

he must feel lonely cause he comes and shoots off the cardboard net, strengthened with tape, that he keeps outside of my door for layups and dunks with his foam ball.

*Note to parents- this purchase was one of the BEST Nerf Purchases of our lives. With duct tape, it can withstand all manner of shooting, is easy on your doors, and provides hours of entertainment.

They try to sell you super duper awesome ones that light up and what not. Don't buy these!

They aren't as flexible. Trust me. If Nerf knew how indestructible and fun these were, they would charge more than the flashy ones. Especially if they knew that kids love them from age 2- until, well HS. And possibly beyond. My boyfriend had one in his college dorm and room at home. So they love it.

Where was I?? Oh, bball season. Which overlaps with Hunting Season. And you may

(I have to hide this shirt from J. It is his Uncle's. In Yellowstone they let ya make your own silk screens. And this one is a popular one to J. I promise he has normal shirts- but like when he was young he had a favorite.)
be wondering where your husband is because you can't find him due to the fact it is hunting season.

Children are a lot like devoted pets, they drag stuff to you or hang about you so that you can appreciate the funness of their "catch", or in this case, shot. Or watch them and applaud on a continual basis.

J: "Did you see that shot!?"

(several have hit the boards by now.And it is dawning on me the ramifications of basketball season. i.e. practices, ball bouncing of the wall, the amnesia slip of the baller's brain to NOT bounce the ball on the hard wood floors before exiting the house.)

ME: Uh...Yes.

J: "No you didn't. You were reading."

(It could be play off season for some of you footballers out there. J's team is in the Championship Game..... hoping the best for those lil guys.)

ME: Okay,  you got me. I did see the end of it out of the corner of my eye! It bounced straight up and then down into the hoop.

J: "Wasn't that awesome?"

ME: Yes it was. As would you being in bed on time.

**** just now...
After finishing his basketball homework J. got into Wii Season. And he is on a career hunting trip rather than a 'quick hunt'. For any hunter, there is no such thing (this is year round)

J: "Shh, can you hear that?"

ME: Uh, no. (straining my ears to hear some heavy breathing.) A bear? (I guess).

J: "No, a lion."

ME: ah, yes. The landscape is different than North America. But it could've been your hunting partner's loud breathing.

This is what season I wish we were participating in:

However, when I asked him in an excited voice: "Do you want to go clear out more weeds in the garden so Padre can til easier?"
He didn't seem as excited as he does when playing basketball.

I will leave you with what I found in the Padres photo album. The promised pic of me in headgear.
I didn't realize that I had a mullet back then.... This picture makes it look like that was my hairstyle. I am hoping I went to bed with my Farrah Facette layers; wet. So it is an extreme case of bedhead.
I hope.

Too lazy to remove the light orb. I know you will enjoy it anyway.

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