Friday, October 25, 2013

Garlic- weapon of smelly Destruction

Taking your health into your own hands is... smelly.
War was waged against bacteria with tactics only Napoleon could appreciate and those around me want to surrender.
Because of a certain ailment, I was sure I could clear up by starving, choking, dessimating its existence, I needed arsenol that wasn't in the house. (well, the garden had plenty of onions)
What was my weapon?
WE had a clove.
With 2/3 remaining and gone south.
Which is what happens with garlic here. Don't cook enough to use it up before it has sprouted in the vegetable container above the
To start, I didn't think I was really that into it. Or I guess I should say that when I told Padre to pick up a garlic clove on his religious  Saturday trip to
Sam's Club.
The bag he purchased is the size of potato chips...
So I tried to treat them like chips and put them in everything from smoothies to sandwiches.
I was desperate; willing to use it as lip gloss if necessary, anything to get it the heck outta my body.
For a few days the enemy seemed as gluttonous as ever.
It has only been of recent that I've seen some anemic enemy faulter.
Only those in my house, and at church, and those passing by me on the streets,  showed real signs of  being subject to the garlic. We will just put them in the collateral damage section that comes with the sheer destructive stench of
It has gotten a bit better.
And, even then, I think it was due to the prescription that aggressively took the "hunger" out of the enemy and given me an eating disorder.
(i.e. don't worry, I am not talking of the ones you think. Just the label of hallatosis breath due to eating garlic.)

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  1. I personally love eating garlic just plain when I think it will help, because it has been that effective. The smell may not be the best (most likely an understatement for those around me) but the results are worth it for me. Hope you continue to feel better!


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