Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stay tuned

Dear Readers,
I was actually enjoying not sharing my thoughts online and even as I write I wonder if I ought not to just put them into my own journal, where they are safely tucked away, for someone who really needs to read them. In a far distant future when I won't be around to answer to it. !

But this last week has forced my mind and hand to, once again, climb back on the blog box.

In an effort to find THE book for right now in my life I chose one that I had read before called: Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach. Subtitled A Daybook of Comfort and Joy Pulling it from the bookcase downstairs I opened it to find many passages marked by my younger self. I recalled the hours spent reading it at the Chocolate/Candy store I worked during another time when I was too ill to go to school or work full time.

The book was easy to read, passages for each day of the year that I could either read ahead or skip to one that I wished.

A feeling came over me that this would be a good follow up to the other great book I just read with Jaden; Where the Red Fern Grows

The first quote to catch my eye from the book was what propelled me back into "allowing" others to read my work. It read:

"... in a time lacking in truth and certainty and filled with anguish and despair, no woman should be shamefaced in attempting to give back to the world, through her work, a portion of its lost heart."

Stay tuned.

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