Friday, November 25, 2011

Bright Thursday

Despite a dark night before, Thanksgiving was a merciful day.

With most of the family at in-laws we had planned for a simple day. However when it was apparent that we'd forgotten to put the turkey in the fridge the day before, we realized how simple it would become. Coupled with the main cook out of commission the task fell to me.

Like I'd mentioned earlier, the night before had been in a word: Awful. Actually, I was awful. Granted I have been dealing with shingles but it when you give up mentally and decide to wallow in your circumstances and then spread the love, well it isn't pretty.

David McCullough, author of John Adams and well known historian said: "History is human." So in trying to record it, I hope that I can be honest.

So in light of human weakness the sun broke through my bedroom window -I was surprised that the day itself was invitingly warm.

The news of the turkey put the day in perspective and I was able to encourage Padre outside for a walk; what else would we do?? And I needed the encouragement to even walk.

Things always seem better after a walk.
* This was the last 30 minute walk I would do, Readers. My body needed to rest.

With a renewed look at life, we decided on getting a ham to cook for our Thanksgiving meal. Venturing out to Wal-Mart I ran into friends and more encouragement. There in the entryway was McKay, the young man who has inspired me on many occasions throughout my life.

When I called his name his face beamed and it lit a light in my heart that had seemed to have gone out. We hugged and he told me why he was at Wal-Mart and I smiled while he wiped the entire cart down with a sanitizing wipe.

In line we ran into one of my nurses. One that has always been especially empathetic and kind to me, willing to work with my poor veins and listen when I wanted to complain. She had just run a 5k for hunger. And it had been difficult. But we rejoiced with each other that we'd both overcome the discouragement and difficulty that comes when doing something hard. She expressed some of her own trials and it felt good to be able to listen to some one's burden and hopefully share it.

We drove home and I miraculously made Thanksgiving dinner. Watered down in comparison to the usual celebration but somehow it felt more "real". I really felt glad and grateful for the food. Instead of sitting down to a meal where I'd already downed a couple of mom's amazing rolls and then having a bit of everything, I was able to savor the simple feast before me.

Even my culinary mistakes ended up tasting good and I need to make a mental note to continue to do it that way. At least in the combinations that I'd devised. (I forgot the vanilla in the whipped cream but with the pumpkin pie and caramel hot chocolate it tasted divine)

So there is grace, even for Grinches. Maybe especially for them!

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