Monday, January 4, 2016

Introducing Some New Friends Fighting Leukemia

The Clarke-Kleinhans ~ A family that has been touched by leukemia and has been an inspiration to me lately. ~


You Readers know I love to make new friends! It's harder to do when you are not out and about- so when I came across the cutest family via my email, and one thing led to another- well, it was what I NEEDED; to care about someone and share their burden. Sad, it has to come about in this way but that is how it goes sometimes.

First of all a hospital in Seattle sent me an email. They told me that immunotherapy had helped find a cure for nueroblastoma. Some of the very hideous meds I have been on have helped pave that path.

YAY, again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was really sick and sick of prednisone so, actually, when I read the news- I said in my mind:
"Dang good thing something good came of that."

Then I started to watch/read the stories of kids with cancer and of course kept clicking and remembering names so I could face some infusions. And that's how I came across Addison and his family. (Phoebe was on my mind a lot.)

Then I facebooked Addison cause I found out he made things to help support the trips to the hospital.

(like this necklace)
(I love a good entrepreneur so I researched more and found that even his SISTER started up a non-profit called Heartfelt Hugs for siblings that deal with the depression, trauma, and new "role" of being the sibling of someone with cancer.

Now that's two for two smart kids in this bunch and they had me sold. Their mom, Sarah, home schools these kids and thy are impressing me quite a bit. From making homemade jam, and spaghetti sauce, to earrings and other jewelry.

(Sarah is a model. I just learned this. )

Their Dad- he works hard at- working hard. He looks cool. I better find out what he does.  I want this family to get through this! Since Ad was 5 and he is now in 6th grade, he and Madeline and their parents have been fighting.

So Mad started out with her events and helping siblings of those who with Cancer. (she walked into a hospital and saw a huge box full of toys for the sick kids but there weren't any gifts for the siblings- they have special needs too!)

So as I read through the face book pages there was one picture of Addison looking at the sunset. He had told his mom to STOP! while they were driving so he could take in the sunset. I enjoy them too.

He then told her she needed to slow down and really look at things. And then he had a hard time back in November and asked his FB friends to look at something until it made them smile. Then take a picture. Then send it to him.

I did the first two. I had just finished a VERY hard day at the office. (hospital.)

(Addiso with his 'worry stones'- sounds like a good idea. Do you just chuck these, Ad?)

 They had stuck me a lot and veins rolling, ducking, playing hide and seek, obeying and then blowing. It brought me to tears. So I thought of the names of some of the little cancer kids.

"They are so much tougher than I am." I thought.

After I got into the safety of the car, I remembered a volunteer was holding two gifts for me! I had to have mom get them! But one was for her. So I gave her my wallet, she ran inside, and she was going to get me a drink.

I recalled Addison's request. So I stared. The glass on the hospital window was covered with white trees, mountains, and elk. It reminded me of taking J. skiing.


Which actually started to hurt cause it wouldn't be happening soon if the infection held on like it was.

Snow began to fall. It was beautiful. I wasn't smiling yet. But not upset. Then a young couple in love came by, and the way they were gushing over each other- made me smile! I couldn't take their picture! That would be stalker-ish and anyway, it was in a pocket somewhere.

Mom, came back and told me she closed her eyes while purchasing the gifts- and when I couldn't open my water or whatever I asked her to open it. She couldn't.

We started laughing so badly. I recorded it. -k I am tired. More soon.

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