Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Stay Tuned

Well, lots to say but my legs are in air letting lactic acid drain from them.
Oh, and just found out today that my PO Box expired so a new one will have to be put in place and different address. Sorry! Basics for now.

Thanks to all who have served me. I have good friends. I have family that helps. I have a son that listens to me nag. Who can replace that?

I find friends or God sends them and it alleviates a lot of pressure of pain, circumstances and plain old endurance of a hard race which is this life.

Everyone has something.

January had it's ups and downs.

It was hard to re-create Christmas even with me playing Josh Groban.

So  I let go of trying to and then guess what? It came. Snow fell. It was magical. I saw it on trees . I saw it cover the landscape like glue left to slide down paper. horizontally on the horizon that blended into this year's pantone pink. And the sky was even the blue that whoever in London picks out.
"Hurry and put in The Piano Guys Christmas CD!!!" I told J. in the car whilst we took in the view.

He looked at me like I was crazy.

(I am making fun of this people but it looked like those colors of the sunset we took in one day.)

Just as soon as it did Padre was saying while dusting the inside of the truck: "Now if this snow would just melt..."

I looked at him like he was crazy.

"Are you crazy?" I said. "This is what Jaden has worked for, lived for, snow danced for (Kevin Costner style) all year. You can't jinx this!"

So his asthma did. J's. Not Padres. So guess what? I had to go into asthma fix mode. It involves a lot of humidifiers and nagging. So that latter part came easier. Unless you are yelling it from different floors.

So J. and I got to watch TWO football games together. That was my Christmas wish list. It was the Utes and BYU. THEN the BRONCO/PATS game. I was just astonished. Thanks neighborhood friend that let us crash your place and even provide dip and chips.

I lost adrenaline like crazy during the games so it is good we don't have those channels. The snow storms aren't really a favorite.... but if it brings powder for Jaden I guess I have to deal.

I love to look at my Piggy and Dirt star that is Netherlandish. And I love that I can type right now after all that December and January brought us.

Lactic acid is draining into my neck right now and making it hard to type. So I will sign out.

Again, thanks to everyone. I almost have mailed my Christmas letters I wrote back in December mailed. Sorry. This blog will have to cover those I may miss. Cold makes arthritis and writing not want to mix.

Hope all are well! Missed it on here.

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