Saturday, January 9, 2016

Adrenal Insufficiency and December Re-do Update

(This usually applied to me and J. but this last year we slept in!)

For those of you coming into the picture of me trying to "Re-Do" December here is the update:

Allowing myself to rest  from the mad dashing of trying to pull off Christmas after the flu and tell myself I had

 to do what I needed; melted the pressure away. Along with stress dosing prednisone. You see, if your body goes through something traumatic or even happy, it uses cortisol. Mine has been synthetically made for some time and so it couldn't handle the flu.

I have no idea why I didn't clue into this earlier, when my body couldn't do what was needed. Most can't when they have the flu, but this was a double whammy.

Once I got the balance- I can't tell you how wonderful that day was and how much I enjoyed being able to easily shower, run errands, meet people and talk.

(The flu made it hard to get out mom's villages)

 Take J. to stores and do some much needed time out

The sun was even shining for us! It was bitter cold but we couldn't care less in our toasty car with the heat up and mittens on! I had them on and I felt grateful.

 (However, It was sad that people turned their lights off - even some did before New Year's Eve!)

My body slowly healed from that awful flu over the designated Christmas day.
And so I have try to pretend January is December. I have to admit that it is hard to feel the same way that the special month of December brings.

(I have resorted to reading some picture books with J.- there is nothing like reading a picture book, no matter how old you are.)

We can carry the spirit of it with us but there is something about the month and everyone sharing in the same spirit that makes December! So January has to be January.

(Like this guy..... he comes in December and brings the magic! You can't fake it!)

Christmas music has played, I wrapped some gifts that didn't get wrapped, and I started in with the movies, I shopped the sales which helped to prepare for next year.

I have made a point to watch some good, old fashioned movies with Jaden. However,
I lost J. about ten minutes into the movie:

The Sound of Music.

The hills were very much alive with me cajoling him to come watch but, alas, other things online won out and so we watched those together. (Studio C is a great family movie.) Which is the point; spending time together talking and such.

As I have celebrated Christmas- backwards, I actually have been putting some things away; trying to organize. No one could tell if you weren't me but in doing so, I have tried to encourage J. to streamline. On one particular item, he came out with the truth.

"I don't want to give those away! they are a memory. "

Holding the special basketball shoes in my hands I was transported back to that day when he opened that big gift box; to the months and days leading up to that gift. In my effort to 'give back' like we had been the recipients, I was, in effect taking away something quite special to him.

Readers, they ARE one of the best Christmas memories. They weren't ordinary shoes. He's had plenty of those and they are easy to pass along to family members when he has grown out of them. But these shoes came at a magical time in our lives.
A difficult time in our lives.
Which made them that much more special. We will hold to those.

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