Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I miss Salsa & Papa Tom's Pizza

(the actor for Louie Zamperini- someone who really did go without food for a long time after his plane went down in WWII)


Have you ever been on a raft in the middle of the ocean without food?
Me neither.
Have you gone hiking for a week without food that was so good and then you just sit and talk about what you will eat when you get home from hiking with your siblings or friends?
Me, too.
I am making that mental food list right now.
 I "eat" some chicken broth for lunch and sucked on some wafers. It makes me feel horrible for taking for granted all the times I went out to eat with friends and there was the basket of tortillas and you dipped them into the salsa like you didn't have a meal coming out in ten minutes. 
 I didn't appreciate it as much as I could have.
So SALSA. I miss it. Fresh. On tacos. Whatever.
Everything sounds good to eat after you haven't had it, shouldn't have it, and so on. If you have Crohns Disease you are sometimes limited. Earlier in my Crohns career, people would ask:
 "Do you have to avoid certain foods?"
I chuckled.
"Yeh, I feel the best when I don't eat! Or drink!" When I was out of a" flare", I could eat what I wanted. Nothing "triggered" a flare. Then my Crohns progressed and I was on the best of the best cause I went to the UofU and before I knew, it had been two decades on and off a steroid that was given for inflammation.
I really needed it. It was that or Crohns eating you away and that helped minus all the side effects it was a hair off of being worse than Crohns itself.
Then my Crohns got old and my body wanted more things wrong with it which leads us to now;
Making the 'Miss You' List.
Spicy food. Oh- and swallowing in general. That always helps whether a sharp shard of tortilla laden with salsa is on it, or not.
Papa Tom's Pizza- their sauce isn't like it was a couple decades ago when Tom was still there. However, I have to leave the table if everyone is eating it.
Tomato sauce on any pizza.
Or on spaghetti.
Since I am spent, I will just throw out there all food that doesn't have to be pureed in a blender and is bland.
Oh, and out of all things guess what was the WORST when I did my tube down the throat test?
Any of these foods, once eaten, can cut a craving when it hits the place wanting to tie off in my esophagus. but I miss them.
I need to reheat my broth but will leave this cool picture of Louie in the movie Unbroken.

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