Tuesday, September 8, 2015

8 Sentences!!!!

Not Jail Time, Reader. A summary. For school.

J: "Mom, I can't go to an appt.- I HAVE to go to school. I CAN'T MISS.

ME: "Okay. What class is at blah, blah, blah, time?"
J: Such and Such. We watch a movie and have to write 8 sentences in 3 MINUTES!

ME: That sound like the perfect thing to make up or arrange to make up!

J: "RE-schedule it! I can't miss!"

ME: " OH, GEEZ."

7th grade is rough, Readers. I forgot. However he boasts being able to open his locker in 3 seconds, is able to eat his cold lunch in around the same amount of time and then play football outside with the guys.

??? Wha?? I never had that kind of time. But I had to eat hot lunch. And I didn't play football.

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