Tuesday, December 23, 2014

What was Mary Thinking......?

(My photographer; J. took this picture for me. And the rest you will see throught out the post.)

For some reason the time before Christmas, in preparing for it, sorta feels like that nesting period I had before Jaden was born. I wanted to get things just "so."
Have blankets and burb cloths made, the changing station all set up with the Johnson and Johnsone lotions laid out as if they were fine perfumes in Princess Middleton's stash.
The preparing for his arrival was a joy! I loved fiding clothes or thinking about who he would be and what needs he and I would have because once he was here, there wasn't going to be time!
Actually, there was- it's just fun to prepare for the "advent" of a child and you want to be prepared for the unexpected. Like getting shingles and breaking/spraining your toe.
( That brought everything to a pretty good halt. )
As I thought of this and felt a new level of misery during the few days leading up to Christmas day the thought of the things that I have left undone, might not even get to do now, and :
"have I forgotten anyone?,"
(hmmm.... do I use the gingerbread or birch tree slice for a tag? I love to wrap gifts and hate that shingles makes doing this simple activity a true pain. But at least I don't have to load myself up on a donkey and head on out to pay some bills clear in Bethlehem.)
feeling, I wondered about the
Savior's mother, Mary.
She had to leave her home that she was "nesting" and  most likely had everything "ready", then she has to get on a donkey and ride a dusty and dirty trail.

While pregnant.

And everyone in town saying things about her and Joseph- she probably felt isolated and sad that her friends and strangers looked upon her in such a fashion.
Oh, Thank YOU, Joseph for believing her and standing as a guard over her as she went throug out her pregnancy. He must have felt a huge burden upon his back. The weight of being a parent is hard enough. But to by chosen to be the Savior's earthly father?


Could the timing of the birth date been any worse? I am bemoaning rib cage pain and here she was dialating on the back of a donkey.
What did she feel? At peace? Or a bit of distress in wondering if they could get the taxes paid, beat it back home, then have the baby??
She probably had a nursery and midwife all worked out and lo, and behold, there was a different plan for the birth of her Son.
I officially say this Christmas has to be prolonged until I can get everything done that I haven't been able to do!
Actually, what I had hoped to achieve; the spirit of the Savior's birth, was felt when I walked by the family room and glanced at the half way done mantel. With a scrap of paper and some little ideas, I'd wanted to 'create' a certain look.
That desire had led me to craft stores for yarn, letters to wrap yarn around, ribbon, felt, styrofoam wreaths, and tons of glue sticks.
I scooted along on the scooter trying to locate these things and was so gratefult to find the "it" item. Even if it was simply a color to match a look I had started. A lot of what I made, was given as gifts and that made me happy.
Boxes trickled in containing things that would help me accomplish my goals. When a huge roll of baker's paper arrived Padre was a little confused but as I have been ablet to wrap gifts and do some decorating on the paper, he has seen the light.
I'm sure he's about lost his mind seeing all of my creative material pulled out so that I could "create."
NOT being able to has really been a downer!

(I found this old bible falling apart at the DI. I wanted to use the pages to make a wreath. It's waaaayyy outta my league to do before Christmas. Looks to me to be a Jan. project. This picture hung in our church for many years when I was a child.)
As most of you Readers know, my health makes things hard to do.  This year was no different.
However, as I passed the room, littered with all my wrapping and letter writing items, I felt it.
I felt the Christmas spirit.

(This swag has truly sagged. It has needed my tender love and affection abut has been put on the back burner. However, I have decided it is a 'Winter' swag and, therefore, can be left up for the whole winter! Cause it can be so cute once I get the time and strength and outdoor 3M product to attach to the brick..... Isn't this fun, Readers? You get to see what stay-at -home daughters do. Or can't do cause they are sick.
Maybe it was because the lights were off and it was just the lights? Either way I leaned in the door way and just looked at the twinkling lights before heading upstairs for dinner.

Tiny miracles leading up to this week have been special. Like the shawl that came from Etty Geller in Israel for me to wear for pictures with Jaden. It matched the teal shirt I'd picked out perfectly.
Thank you, Thank you Etty Geller! (etsy)

*I had never heard of this before until I decided I wanted to make flowers out of book pages.
Manicure done by Abby. If you are needing a pedi or mani she's your gal. Happy with my sparkly toes and nails! Oh! and look at those cute pom poms..... sigh.


Jaden and I haven't had pro pics taken since he was two. But I felt like I needed it done this year. And thanks to Kristi Sheriff.... they make my heart swell! I will post some when I get them.
Earlier in the day the young 'uns were here (toddler aged grandkids), mom and my sisters were  making marmalade cinnamon rolls and peanut clusters, and I wrapped a present or two, after I read to my nephews. Then took a good, long nap.

Mary had none of this. No ice packs to relieve the pain she felt in her back. Or moist heat rice bags to plop into the microwave and sip hot cocoa while watching a movie to distract from the pain.
However, it may be posible that the animals in the barn were soothing and eased the pain of the long road, the delivery, etc.

Maybe she knew that it would happen the way it did. And she had the faith to let  God be in charge of the details.

She had plenty of fortitude.

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