Monday, July 21, 2014

Visits, Letter, Phone Calls & Texts: Thanks!

Thanks for the visits, amigasas!
The other day I had my comrades in crime come for a visit. Well, the ones from growing up. Which meant we got into trouble, got out of trouble, and now have children who basically are bound to be trouble.
What a nice visit! Thank you for cramming me into your hectic schedule. Most of the pals came from out of town and had family to take care of and vist. One even drove from Colarado, in a car with all her kids without air conditioning. She wins an award for enduring that to come back to I.F.
I can't get the letters out to ya, but thanks. And speaking of letter, I even recieved snail mail. And text messages. Thank you. I know it's hard. I can't believe I was that nervous to meet up with my childhood friends, but when your body changes into a potato, well, you are worried.
But then we started talking, and the fact I hadn't tweezed my eye brows, didn't matter! I've started keeping a pair out in my car it's gotten that bad.
Due to circumstances I hope that you can accept a "blanket thanks." ! I hope that you read this. I appreciate all the communications  and hope for the best for each of you. I have loved the long conversations while the kids have been to scout camp, those just checking in, and seeing friends I haven't seen outside of the Christmas pictures each year! It's been a good month. 
Speaking of blankets.....(here is my segue to blogging)
- I now have one that reminds me of a Great Aunt's polyester quilt. I enjoy changing things up as the seasons come and go, (that's why the bed is unmade in the picture above. ) but this particluar one is making me feel a bit outdated. I don't know why. Maybe the reason old people appreciated polyester is because it lasts a long time. My other quilts are showing wear and tear despiter the dry cleaning, etc.
Does anyone else have something go wrong at the dry cleaner's?  You take something very valuable and delicate and you get it back only to find a tear in your collectible quilt. Ah! That's why I took it in the first place.  It isn't made out of polyester and that is probably why. 
Oh, well.
 The lan line is ringing and Padre is texting me from his chair upstairs....
Him: "Who is it?" (calling on the phone)
Me: "It' just a 'Toll Free' call." I tell him after getting up and looking at the caller I.D. on the phone.
We are both bushed. Oh, and that one telemarketer from Florida- he's still trying to call me. Dedicated guy.
That's about all I have for tonight.

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