Monday, July 28, 2014

No Caffeine??

"Drinking that pop will wind ya!"
Coach Guilford would shout out as he did some sort of exercise, drill jig in our weight and strength training course. Being one of his devoted minions, I totally believed that carbonation ranked next to adultery.
So I gave up my Diet Coke. Which was really a tasty drink with ice.
I even gave up french fries and McDonald's never lured me into its tight grip.
Haven't had a real problem craving pop until recently.
"You'll want to avoid caffeine." the Doctor said after a major health ordealio.
"Caffeine? " You mean go ahead with the hard stuff but back away from that?
"I don't drink cofee or pop, so it shouldn't be a problem." I thought as I nodded my head.
Readers, I had to chuckle at this "advice," I was expecting him to tell me something more serious. Like avoiding serious things. Such as the serioius nature of jay walking. Or running a red light.
Under the circumstances I expected him to give me the advice to avoid climbing Mt. Everest for a few years until I am in better condition.
Or better yet:
 avoiding Wal-Mart at a late hour.
But I had to admit that combining that with prednisone would only exacerbate the steroid.
Strangely enough I have started to crave it. I haven't crazed that in forever. Actually, ever.
Just the fact that it was suggested I stay away from it, all the sudden, I want it!
The other day I broke down and drank some Coke.
It was so Refreshing.
And it gave me a headach later.
Odd how the power of suggestion had the opposite effect! For instance, as I was sitting in church today, I listened and laughed at the clever story that a friend told from the pulpit. And then she did it.
She made the challenge of "writing in our journals."
I love writing in my journal. Especially by hand. I love hand written letters. They have a more personal feel. But when she said to do it, I immediately felt like I'd been given a huge assignment by a college Professor due at the end of the quarter, but I left it to the night before or something.
Whining in my mind I thought of every excuse possible as to why I would not write in my journal. I mean, Readers! Look at me! Okay, not the picture of me next to the post. It's a fraud photo. Cause I am chunkier now. It is like looking at plus size clothing on skinny models- just sorta not the truth.
Gotta update that.
Back to my complaint!!
My wrist and thumb are swollen!
 It hurts to write with a sprained wrist and thumb!
And why on earth is my one limb and two feet and ankles swollen up? It is making my bones and joints hurt! wah. I don't even want to TYPE on my blog. But I gotta push through. Make an effort. Keep do the writing callistenics so I can do the free lance writing.
Now just start a blubbering cry.
So that's how today's topic got started.
And I am gonna end the post now and try to rest.

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