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Garden Stool Replacement

(Produce from the 2008 SEED SAVERS gardening calendar. Since I haven't produced anything in my garden, photo by Rosalind Creasy)

This is a post that I have worked on bit by bit and now just feels like I need to publish to get out of my que line on the computer. Here it is, Readers. Enjoy. I didn't edit, so I hope it's good.

As you know long time Readers know and you new Readers did not know, , I sat on an old bathroom stool to weed my garden.

,Back when I could weed...

Isn't this heavenly???

This was the best gardening year since moving back home, making Padre tear up the grass in the back yard, and lucking out with the year's best lilac season.

Karma, my dear friend who recently passed, had HUGE lilac bushes lining the whole west side of her Shelley property.
When it was up for sale, I recall J. on my hip and walking through her yard saying:


over and over. But there weren't any words that could replace the awe I felt when I stepped into her backyard. I wanted it to be my back yard!! But fate had other plans.

Madre just came in and showed me her second round of bites due to helping Padre in the garden.
Despite him spraying yesterday....

Readers and gardeners of Idaho, Beware!
Biting Bugs are lurking in our lovely spreads!

Back to editing a post in the makes for a loooong time:
However, my stool is really, really rusty due to the harsh Idaho weather; a replacement is needed.

If I am going to be a gardener next year or any year to come.
. So I googled something like

 "garden stool"

and the first reference was the above wagon looking device minus a handle.  A person would lost a lot of ground in order to make rows that big to roll it down.
Actually, I was first led down a path of what must have been indoor ornamental stools covered in elephants, or in the shape of an elephant that you might find as stylish India vacation relic.
These "garden stools" were over a hundred dollars and didn't look like they were supposed to hold over 100 pounds.

Then I found this the above garden weeding stool with the lady apparently weeding bricks on the side of her house.

To put my search into an overall perspective, and summarize the pathetic-ness of my life, was the list of things across the bottom of the page that tells you what those who were looking for elephant stools for their garden, were also interested in. 

This one did not  hurt my feelings. But it does make me wonder how a chiropractor or my  Physical Therapist would feel with me weeding on it. They may not care, more business for them, right?
If one were to kneel, it seems the blood would rush to your head from the stool.
. Sure the handles look handy to help you stand up after having knelt, but is it worth it?
The cost was not worth the amount we get from our harvest or the amount I desire to spend, simply to comfortably pick raspberries.

Being sick, I don't need a kneel at all! If I am going to garden in the future I am going to need a "lay down and weed". Which I imagine  would be a camp rest or cot an inch off the ground, mattress pad and pillow, and some military strength  netting around  it.

A small hole, with a guantlet cord to tighten  around your wrist. (to insure those pesky black bugs that several people I know have been seeing this year) would enable you to stick your gloved hand through the netting, and weed.
Think NASA.
I am convinced something even more protective.
Like the space suits.

 (photo also from Ms. Creasy) 
Or just stay out of the garden, let it become wild and become a sanctuary for bad bug, insects, beetles, and whatever unsightly crawly doo-dad and
forget the delicious taste of home canned foods.
Before I left the "garden stool" site I glanced down and saw the other items people bought that looked at/and or purchased.

 This is what I saw:

"sloggi basic Maxi three pack High Rise Women's Briefs."

And their online model.


The majority of people looking for a gardening stool are also those that wear high rise briefs?
That really hurt my self esteem.
  However, the briefs did have 5 stars, which beat the score the tool toting four wheeler weeding seat, had by half a star.  
How hard is it to find something to sit that doesn't sink down into the soft brown earth while you weed

(same calendar)
The fact I was even on this sort of divergent google is telling about how sad it is when you are not well enough to search the Internet for something actually fun and cute. I am looking for something practical and comfortable for a possible, future endeavor.

I could buy it and look at it for inspiration.

LOOK at this! A tractor seat that swivels! I could make this if I could weld! All I would have to do is ask someone from the outer skirts of town if they minded if I took the rusting seat offf their rusting John Deere tractor. Of course I would paint it a cute color and put it on a heavy duty gardening wagon with wheelchair brakes.  
But again, look how big the rows would have to be and how tall your weeds would have to be in order to sit on this. If weeds get this high, your plants are most likely choked out.
So I am confused on where this would come in handy. And if I am going to weld/ make it myself, and have to steal a jungle gym monkey bar dealio from a local park or school, then I would definitely add some luxuries like a padded back rest, a cup holder, and some posture pedic foam padding on the seat.
No one steal my idea!

If you do please send me one.
I  haven't set foot in the garden since I took pictures out there for the raspberry blog and got biten.
Padre has lamented over the garden and I have to remind him like a broken record that I told him in the spring,  not to expect anything outta me this summer as far as gardening and watering goes.
Apparently he didn't get the memo cause he planted a garden and has shared more stories about his grandmother, who had a garden the size of our back yard, and how she didn't leave the town of Preston Idaho to see her children much due to the fact they she had to farm her garden, can her produce, wash dishes by hand, and make home-made jam.
Oh, and had to hand move the sprinklers around the grassy yard and of course the garden!

Which is a full time job.

Whether he is reminiscing about his grandparents and his visits to their tiny three bedroom home located on a street meets the grass without a curb,

 or trying to give me a guilt trip, I'm not sure.

These flashbacks of his take place at the dinner table when the blinds are pulled up and he has a panoramic view of the looks of our back yard. His eye sight is still quite good and he can see that our 'weed' garden is successful this year.


it could be that when he had his vacation this summer, he spent most of it moving the water to different places in the yard, on a two hour rotation, and has bravely battled the beetles (grubs)
that are dead set on killing his grass.

You don't even need a garden to appreciate a gardening stool.
Like reaching for something that is located high up in your cupboard.
See, you can't go wrong with a good stool.

however, I could purchase the perfect, non-sinking gardening stool as the


spot on the hearth, where my back pack  was a reminder of how much fun I had back packing and that I could do it again!


more like boo-whoo.


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