Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Neighborhood Myth

J: "Mom, have you heard of the Neighborhood Myth?"

Me: Is that where all the kids are good and help take care of the yard and take out the garbage?"

J: No. It is about a man that walks the streets at night and he morphs into different things... and if a fly lands on him then comes into contact with you- you get some of his morph charachteristics.

Me: hmmm. who told you this? The Dagster? (pal)

J: Yeh, I played with it for awhile and  told him: 'Yeh, I've heard about the Neighborhood Myth.' But after awhile I jumped on my bike and rode home as fast as I could. Rememeber I was home playing blah, blah, blee?

Me: Do you mean you "Went along with it"?  Wow. I've never heard of that myth. Do you know what a myth means?

J: Yeh.

Me: I think you are just going along with me now. But there ya go. And I did wonder why you were home when the sun was shining that day. I will keep a watch out for flies and any symptoms you may have that are different than other times.

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