Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sea Shelling on Super Saturday

Years ago J. got into sea shells. Baby Sis moved to Oregon and his request was to bring back sea shells..
She did and they were ugly, covered in all this muck. We treated them like muck in the plastic sack until the other day I saw J's Conch shell and wondered how to shine it up.

Oh, boy.
This led to taking those stinkin', mucked up shells out and doing what the sea-shelling site lady said to do: soak in 1/8 Clorox to 8 parts water.
WHOA! After this I started to peel off muck, and used a screw driver to take off a barnacle or something. Then she said to shine it up with Mineral Oil.
It gets better..... there is some kind of acid that makes them return to their original look. All the muck; gone. However, you have get a scientist friend or chemist help you. Mariatic acid is dangerous. (I think that is what you call it. There is a video on it and top sea shellers have it down to a science.
Of course I had to use it as an analogy to J. I had to show him that he was like this sea shell.
He could let comments, or whatever, bring him down and dull his shine.

"I love comparisons." (seriously.) No, I didn't go into analogies of the biblical sort. But he agreed with me they help us think deeper.
I mean LOOK at that shiny silver under all that calcification and muck! Suddenly I found myself wanting to be sheller in my next life. The shells were part of a shadow box for the bathroom and for J's room. But I need to find the chemist to do the explosive acid stuff.

(check out the difference- right shell is cloroxed and mineral oiled. Left hasn't.)
In my church we have a looooonnngggg Saturday to listen to two sessions of two hours that lands on a Saturday.
We take a casual approach on Saturday- which is to have it on, while we do things that make it so we can listen to the talks and clean or something.
My chore: find a Cub Scout shirt, laundry, and decide where to put the Easter candy. This is the candy that we picked up after Easter; on sale. (In the closet up high where you will forget about it until next year. However, some is still in a treasure box that J got from the bunny.

Talk about sweet booty....rolos. Mmmmmm.

J. has loved Pirates and fighting with swords lately. So he has recycled through his love of boats, etc.
Sorting socks and doing laundry and making sure your kid hears a few talks and can answer some q's afterward is all part of this religious event as well. 
No shirt. Where in the love is that?????? I did find some matches to some socks, heard some great talks. Organized. And spent time with Jaden. Which is what I treasure.   

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