Friday, October 12, 2012

Just Bloggin' Bout the Big Garden Competition

Well, none of my pics are ready to upload- the "garden fam pic, the nets that need untangling, still need their photos taken. Really excited to do a comparison with my garden to
The Presidential Garden.

That means crunching some numbers and some serious manual labor on my part, but it'll be good! We'll compare sweat equity, prices of needed tools, some harvest, compared to the President's yield and include local grocery prices; All the things that make for a good competition!
Presidential vs. Residential Garden.

Today I had J. pull out the Sunflowers. First he got to hack at them with a souvenir hatchet from: The Mountain Man Rendezvous in West Yellowstone. Once he'd demolished them he had to bundle them with twine and carry them to the curb. He wasn't too stoked on the later part.
Here's some Preliminary #'s and 'tools' I didn't have to Purchase.

  • Hatchet: $ 20.00
  • Child    : $ 2 million. Just a guesstimate (so far)
  • rake---- Padre's.
  • shovel-- also Padre's.
  • garbage bags-- Jumbo good deal at Sam's on Padre's dime.
  • twine------ more dimes from Padre
It's a good thing I reside at Padre's place, cause this garden would be EXPENSIVE!

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