Monday, October 15, 2012

Beating Defeat- Upper Valley Grid Kid Finals

Ahhh, the feeling of victory. The S helmets raised high in the air; a  symbolism, to me, of the pinnacle of a mountain.   One of the many mountains they will have to face; climb and maybe fall back down or reach to top to see the many more that they will have to tackle throughout life!
 They reached the top of this mountain after slugging it out with the undefeated Rigby team during this year's last game of Grid Kid Season.

After putting in close to 200 hours of football (not counting recess and non-practice football) these boys are standing at the top of a mountain. For now.  Hardened abs,  a long list of injuries and accumulated bruises have resulted in many lessons this year.
So into the championships we go- back at the base of a mountain to climb. 
There are butterflies in my stomache.
Keep climbing.

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