Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chicken Shy and Garden Inventory

The last few weeks have been like this bird- minus the head.
End of school activities, school ENDING
sports camps.

Camping! (thank you ward/father's campout that didn't entail me!)
Before all the mayheim, or during it I was sitting in church thinking that I needed to somehow mark the moment, knowing that this summer would fly by in a blink
and J would be grown up or something.

I scribbled a note to him:
"We should measure you today and then at the end of the summer
to see how much you grow!"

He replied: "Good idea! We should measure you, too!"
He obviously isn't aware that we will need different measuring tools to record
the difference for


This bird has to be included into today's feelings. When I was taking tabby photos, this was the only one of my sister's hens that did not want to see what I was up to. She stayed aloof and at a safe distance from my camera.

In my mind she is the most beautiful and I wish she wouldn've come closer.
She most be suffering from some PTSD from the last raid on the chicken coop
some months ago or it is her breed. The feathers on her look black from a distance,
but are really a blue color.

I wish I could've captured it on film and that this blog could portray it becaue it is so

Anyway, since I have been away I had to do an inventory of my garden.

Padre's- mine; same thing.  

The snails are eating my flower's leaves. That will have to be remedied.
And there is simply no way to tell if some of the weeds are plants and you'd need a pair of tweezers, so it can wait while I read this book:

(thanks for the referall, dental hygiene gal friend)

get some strength back.

It felt so good to slip off my shoes and walk through the lush parts of the grass, place the weathered weave lawn chair out
and feel the growing going on in my back yard.

It actually warmed up, the wind died down to where the cool breeze and the greenery from the garden, and grass emanated in the late afternoon heat.

The only thing lacking was lemon aide and kids running through a sprinkler!

I had to move my chair around to enjoy different views of my garden, and to water the dry spots of

grass by hand.

Did I just admit that? Yes, I did.

It's highly relaxing and I suggest it to anyone, whether old or no. And drink prune juice.
(I love that I have one left over from the hospital cracked open there on the table)

These pics seem washed out. So I will leave a few more and close.

I had to pluck a few weeds and make sure the unsown parts of the garden trails are still marked.
After the 70 mph winds, I thought these rocks woul've been in the nieghbor's yard, or something.

And the A Trellis.
So the weeds have something to entwine themselves around.



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