Friday, January 20, 2012

Trackside Mall- Joel Sanda Part II

okay. It is time. I will post about the Trackside Mall. Why have I put off writing about it? So many times I have written about it in my head you'd think it would finally be easy to write down all I have thought.

But I have given myself assignments; Read up on Eastern Idaho. Which is why it has made me put it off, I bet.

Why did I assign myself?

Because, when I drove down the lane,

it felt like I passed through time; before Idaho Falls was IF, and it was called: Eagle Rock.

The industrial, train yard location next to a building that looks like a mill- and right next to Pacific Recycling- a place J and I frequent to take in mainly Coca-Cola cans to recycle for meager amounts of change for Jaden to save.

This place, Trackside Mall, seems to be in a different realm from everything surrounding it; even the time period.

It's been silent every time I have gone there. No trains coming and going.

I think I put off writing about Trackside because inside I was hoping I could take pictures of it covered in big, fat happy flakes of snow. But it stayed in my mind in an eerie way, with all this grey-ness, shown in the night

that I took the pictures.

There is so much to take in, give yourself time to linger. Not just so you can enjoy milling around all the little treasures and knick-knacks but so you will think before you buy.

The location of the mall- which doesn't make me think of a mall in the sense of the word( Gap, Abercrombie, and Wet Seal squisehd with kiosks down the middle of a building type mall.)Is on Poulesen Ave.

No, it's a place, right in front of the train tracks. Symbolically placed-as- if the people who have owned the items inside have happily left them here, for us, to enjoy before climbing upon a train and gone.... on.

It feels a bit ethereal to me.

Yet, when I entered for the first time, and saw Joel's santa hat hanging there,

my heart leapt, as if I was seeing him; we were shaking hands and talking about all of his collections. -That he wasn't gone to another place at all! He hasn't dropped off his things to be bought by so many different owners; his things divided, and then gotten on some special Harry Potter train that leads to Hogwarts Academy!

Maybe we will still be lucky enough to have Idaho Falls covered in snow just once before we have to head into more harsh weather!!!

(I just pictured these tracks covered in snow!)

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