Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jaden's Christmas

I can't procrastinate posting Jaden's Christmas thoughts any longer. Despite the incompletion of the day, here is what he has said so far:

(unedited- which is precious to me.)

"This morning in UTAH I woke up and I went downstairs. I coudn't believe my eyes when I saw my own pump modle air rifle. But at first I didn't know whos it was so I looked on the back and I didn't exactly see a nametag like I thaut I would. So I thaut of the last thing I could do to find out whos it was. So I walked to the gun and I looked inside the barrel and I still couldn't believe my eyes man I ran like a bolt upstiars to my dad. I jumped on him and woke him and my step mom up. Boy I loved that gun so mutch I almost fainted. but I kept myself from doing that.

At 3 in the afternoon I went back to my mom's house. wile in the car driving home to IDAHO I told my mom the whole story that I'm telling you guys."

The rest of his Christmas day was back in Idaho. It was too special to really talk about. I will let the camera do the talking....


The shock of receiving a new ball- he is feeling the magic...

Sometime after this event took place, J said in confidence to me: "Mom, no one knows I like the Colts. I didn't tell my friends. My family. No one. It must have been an Angel or something. Because the Colts aren't doing so good this year... Manning is hurt.... maybe he'll get better. I hope he does."

I don't know why he would keep it "secret" that this was the football team he liked best- whether it was because of their season, or that he is new to understanding the NFL and only knew about HS football up until a couple years ago or that we haven't been able to watch any games. Either way, he was quite surprised that SOMEONE figured it out.

Reading Cal. (Calvin and Hobbes) Padre got some shots that I didn't and I'm too afraid to mess with his good camera and upload them without his consent. So maybe that could be upcoming.. : )

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