Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lovely Lucie

(The Traditional Gma Waffle Cookies)

Lucie is proving to be a much more difficult topic to write about than DeFarge. I think because I am trying to do it justice in my mind- and I don't think I can. I have to somehow encapsulate Christ.

It is interesting how sometimes the act of writing just flows; words come with ease and before you know, you have written a paper. Or book.

It is more than just writer's block that I can suffer from. More like writer's BlaCk HoLe. I get sucked into it and can't find a way to even start a sentence, much less a paragraph.

So here are my thoughts on Lucie: Her Dad was really grateful for her and her husband, amazed at her ability to affect so many others, said in awe:

"What is the magic secret, my darling, of your being everything to all of us, as if there were only one of us, yet never seeming to be hurried, or too have to much to do?"

(Part of that secret had to be that she didn't live in the time of technology, : ) Actually, I believe that despite this being a much crazier age, we can still be that calm in the center of the storm. Regardless her talents, love, and work were multiplied.

Once I read an article comparing a mother to the Sun. (Church News. Some years back)You don't notice the sun much and take for granted its existence unless something impedes its ability to touch you. It's light touches everything. Like breathing and your heartbeat, it carries on with its duties in a consistent, reliable manner.

When I can't keep up on the everyday routine of our lives like making good food to eat for a meal, keeping the laundry going, dishes washed and overall order to our lives- it causes chaos and disrupts, not just my life, but everyone's in the house.

Okay, I am realizing my writer's BlaCk HoLe is actually illness. When you don't feel good your brain hurts to think. Because the cells are very busy doing other things. Like asking one another if they have what is needed to make all the processes of living happen. And they have to tell one cell the same story, their flat broke. And so this causes writer's block.

It is dicrouraging to not be able to do the things necessary. Or at least do them in relative well-being. When I get to the end of a day and realize:

"Wow. All I did was dishes. That took it out of me."

It's pretty sad. But I feel that even that act is important, it has meaning for my family when I can create a clean spot for them to come to each day. And in that sense I am the tip of the sword. No matter if I get on here and do what I love.

But I do want to finish this project of Lucie especially as the holiday nears. For whatever reasons it is important for me to record my thoughts and "leave a trace". I feel that the words will come, if I let them. In their due time they will come and I will have the opportunity to say to what I want to say. That the things I'd like to get done will get done in a miraculous way.

Just have to wait for the right moment. I hope God bookmarks these thoughts I have had and let's me come back to them when I can translate it to words and put it on paper.

For now I listen to the play list at wendyandpals.blogspot- thanks, WEndy. I come into the coolest people. That is one thing this blimey illness gives me. Which when I think of it, I'd rather have friend than money, health or whatever this world offers.

***I think that the nauseau medicine, Zofran, is on par with Frankincense and Myrrh. Had there been a 4th Wise Man, he'd have brought Zofran to Mary. Thank you, Santa, for this early Christmas gift!

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