Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Snow Ball, Jimmer's Mom and Old 'Best Players'

"If You're Not Practicing, Someone Else Is."

J read the quote accompanied with basketball clinic information and told me it didn't make sense.

"Oh, dear." I thought to myself, "If he doesn't get this, then we are in trouble."

"I'm always practicing. And if they're [his teammates] practicing, so am I."he said defensively.

"Very true." I sighed with relief.

(showing us how to dunk and hang on a nerf net. tape required.)

Thanks to Jimmer, the basketball frenzy has continued. I personally think it is awesome his mom is a sub teacher! If Jimmer thought playing bball in prison was tough, his mom prob put him in check with stories from sub teaching. Helps to put that kind of thing in perspective.

Instead of making Jaden go play ball in prison, I think I will make him sub teach at the HS.

A handful of his old "best players."

The one on the far left set a three point record for the HS, and all the boys chipped in to hold a record for the highest GPA for a boys team at Skyline. WOW!

The two little guys in front have a lot to live up to.

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