Saturday, November 20, 2010

Risk and Coca Cola's Celebration Mix

Had I not been a stock broker, I don't think I would care much for magazines, newspapers and articles that talk about investing. So the latest mag in the teacher's lounge from Fast Company Inc. caught my eye during a planning period.

I decided to read about Coke Inc. taking a long term investment on a young man who'd had quite a story. His name was K'naan.

If I recall correctly he grew up in Somalia. He recalled kicking a soccer around with his buddies on a routine basis in the streets.

As the wars that occured in the north slowly made their way down to his city he and his buddies used a grenade once to kick around. knowing they were playing with fire, they still did it. The pin came out of course and he threw it, blowing up a building.

One day, as trucks grumbled down a dirt road next to the spot he and his two friends played, one of the boys ran up to the trucks. Yelling and throwing rocks at the them. A truck turned slowly and turned its machine gun on the boys, hitting them all.

K'naan, the skinny, was the only one to survive and escape to America with his mom.

I haven't listened to more than his Flag Wavin song, but as I washed dishes the other day to his Celebration Mix that Coke had him sing during the World Cup, I couldn't but help and wave mine. (gloves I broke down and bought.)

Watching the children play the game

with K'naan's drums and poetic lyrics in the background, made dish washing and kitchen duties less tedious today.

Stomping cans in time with the beat, had to restrain myself from kickin them around like a soccer ball.

In the article the company dicussed the huge "risk" they were taking in investing in this young man. No doubt the fact he'd into some trouble after coming to the states, and wasn't well known, it would be quite devastating if they didn't get it right.

An amazing story along with talent, not duplicated, and steely confidence only honed by persecution and adversity sells itself, I say!

His story was one of a kind along with his music.

The young man's confidence in himself may come off as cocky, but as I read about his complete belief in himself and his work, viewed his video, I couldn't help but agree and think I needed to risk more and invest in some greater confidence in myself.

Coke may have thought they were taking a Risk, but they had played their hand right and hit the nail on the head by betting on a kid who'd done it every day.

Wave Your Flag!!!!!!!!!!

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