Monday, June 3, 2013

Flopbott Finale

As I have looked over the posts I have written here, I have been reminded of the journey I have taken as a mother to J., a stay at home daughter, and the woes, whoa!s of it all.
But lately, it has felt like a deadline to do a post. I've let it distract me from some things that I have needed to take care of. Editing a blog is falling toward the bottom of that list.
This has been fun. Sharpened my skills. A lot of my best writing has gone here instead of in my own print for my journals. (This is where you feel special, Reader) However,  I have a desire to go back to my personal journals that are intended for Jaden. And him alone, later on.
He's getting old enough that I think he will definitely not want his future employers reading his mom's blog!
If I do come back and need a blog to practice, it will be a new one. I mean, eventually Harry Potter came to an end in his series. Flopbott can't endure unceasingly, eh?
Ms. J. K.  Rowlings or Rawlings or whatever, is into mysteries writing now. So there must be something to that!
So keep a look out for books under the name:  a.k.a. J's mom. Who knows what it will be about.
I can't wait to find out myself.

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