Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Like Livin' This Way

Recently the death of Michael Jackson has triggered emotions across the world.

Captivated we watched his talent catapult him into stardom; held captive by his insecurities and addictions we watched as he plunged into the depths of despair.

Michael Jackson had an unique and somewhat strange way of living, but taken from his own music: “I like livin’ this way.” (Human Nature) He chose his own road.

None of those things could have taken place anywhere else on the globe.

America and its constitution provided the soil for the seed of talent and personality to flourish. Michael bloomed in a green house of freedom (coincidentally during the reign of Raegan and Bush).

Millions around the world were awed by the product of a country that told dictatorship and tyranny to ‘Beat It’. Why?

Could they have been drawn to someone allowed to be what he wants? Were oppressed countries inspired by the King of Pop heralded from a country that reigns as a world power? Americe truly has been the “baddest” (the best) on the global stage. And set the precidence for other countries to follow suit.

Granted such freedoms and abilities can make one heady; get caught up in the glamour on the global stage. It’s easy to shrug off the steps that many took to place us in this position and height. Sending democracy on a road of apathy equivalent to the road of addiction that Michael took; toppling under the moral corruption, not from outside, but from within.

Today many are successfully transforming the face of the constitution right before our eyes causing some like Michael to question his fan base: “Will You be There?”

How long will we allow a scalpel to our rights and privliges; scrape away at the beauty that was and is the Declaration of Independence?

Will we wake up one morning and wonder what it has become? Will that document come to the same demise; making MJ a constitutional poster child?

Will we as Americans be able to stop the self destruction or resuscitate it before it is too late?

Despite her outlandish human nature, America will, in a crescendo of underlying talent that gave birth to democracy, decide if she is gonna make that change.

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